CNCTech – Partnering in the Development of Vietnamese Technology

2023-11-13by Thanh Tâm

Pavana is the first on-demand design and manufacturing company in Vietnam specializing in smart surveillance cameras.

On July 28, 2023, Pavana, in collaboration with MK Vision, organized the launch event for the “Vietnamese-Made Security Camera Devices and Solutions.” During the event, the ODM company unveiled 15 lines of cameras along with comprehensive security surveillance solutions, offering numerous benefits to businesses and end-users.

The company’s product range includes various types of fixed surveillance cameras, body-worn cameras, and specialized devices integrated with artificial intelligence. Consumer products manufactured by the company are primarily exported to the European and American markets and are beginning to be distributed in Vietnam through collaborations with domestic companies in the telecommunications and IoT sectors. Specialized products are currently undergoing testing in the Vietnamese market as part of various digital transformation solutions that involve biometric authentication and citizen ID verification for use in public administration, banking, hospitality, education, and more.

Pavana showcased its products at the event on July 28th.

With 15 years of experience, CNCTech has been a reliable partner for numerous technology companies both domestically and internationally. Each year, the company manufactures millions of components for printers, phones, Wi-Fi routers, set-top boxes, cameras, motorcycles, electric vehicles, and various IoT devices. Its products are exported to Japan, South Korea, North America, the UK, Poland, Israel, India, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

In 2021, CNCTech, alongside Sky Light and MK, made investments in Pavana, aiming to establish a comprehensive product development ecosystem, covering everything from design to mass production. This strategic move positions CNCTech to serve the growing market in Vietnam and the surrounding region.

Products utilizing components from CNCTech have appeared in many apartments and streets across Vietnam.
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