Milling machine tool with mill in chuck

CNC Machining Services

Every single month, our factories in Vietnam process more than a thousand drawings of parts to build custom machineries, automation equipment, motorcycles, electronic devices, and more.


Molding to Assembly

CNCTech offers injection molding service and specializes in various plastic molds for Motorcycles, Telecom Equipment, Home Appliances, IoT Devices, and other OEM Applications.


Mold Fabrication Services

CNCTech now fabricates plastic mold and die casting tools for Motorcycles, Network Equipment, Electronic Appliances, IoT Devices of our Japanese, Italian, Israeli and domestic customers.



Our service offerings include Sheet metal forming, Frame/Fixture fabrication, Powder coating, Liquid painting, Anodizing, Alodine coating and

Aluminum Machined Parts


Anotech specializes in providing multi color anodizing; hard anodizing; chromate conversion coating; surface treatment and skived fin heat sinks.



Vinam Oil Tools is one of the largest companies in Asia Pacific and the best source provider for your every requirement need in both oil and gas and non-oil and gas applications.



Vietnam CNC Technology & Application Joint Stock Company operate in the field of automatic machine manufacturing and providing automation solutions, automatic production, assembly and packaging lines.



VINECO provide Telecommunications Systems and IT Solutions; produce, outsourcing, assemble telecommunications systems (EMS), technical services and Samsung digital smart signage.



Pavana is the newest venture of CNCTech Group, MK Group, and Sky Light (Hong Kong). Pavana build smart monitoring solutions for Vietnam’s highest growth sectors, manufacturing, urban development, and transportation.

Sky Light

Sky Light JSC.

Sky Light Vietnam is a joint venture between Sky Light Hong Kong and CNCTech. Sky Light is one of the providers in innovative imaging devices and total solutions by deploying advanced connected device technology and cloud platform for business partners.


Mentech JSC.

Mentech Vietnam is a joint venture of Mentech and CNCTech. Mentech is a leading manufacturer of electronic components, optical modules and power supplies.


Arts Group JSC.

Arts Optical International Holdings Ltd specializes in Design, Manufacturer and Distribution of High Quality Optical Frames and Sunglasses.


Industrial Infrastructure

CNCTech have been promoting the construction of top quality industrial infrastructure, becoming a strategic cooperator of worldwide enterprises. Subsidiaries include CNCTech Global, CNCTech Ha Nam, VinaStartup Vinh Phuc, VinaStartup Quang Nam.