Vietnam young entrepreneurs head toward digitalization

Within the framework of the program Red Star Awards 2022, in the afternoon of November 8, in Hanoi, the Central Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association held a conference called “Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Head Toward Digitalization”.

Chairman of CNCTech Group attended the Conference as a speaker.

With the topic of “Spreading the aspiration for digital transformation” and “Breakthrough thinking – digital transformation”, CNCTech Group Chairman, Mr. Nguyen Van Hung and other speakers have shared their orientations in transformation, specific solutions to help businesses adapt to the constant change of the digital economy in the year to come.

“When it comes to digital transformation, my point is to start as soon as possible. At CNCTech, we choose the time of Tet because the spirit of the workers is upbeat. Normally, it takes takes 6 months to train a module. Instead, I set a goal of 60 days to complete each module. Our employees are invited to work in a large meeting room, giving simulated situations for them to practice solving. We succeeded in 45 days. For digital transformation in CNCTech, I chose someone who has the skills and experience in the field, and I empowered all the departments.” – Mr. Nguyen Van Hung said.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hung at the 2nd Discussion session of the Seminar.

The constant changes of the digital economy are taking place all over the world, forcing businesses to “transform”, change their thinking and awareness to fully adapt to the application of technology and digital transformation, hence, improve their own competitiveness to survive and develop.

In the digital economy era, it is not important whether the scale is large or small, but the important thing is “go fast or go slow”. Digital transformation is no longer a distant prospect, but an inevitable need that determines the survival of every business.

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