A memorable experience for CNCTech company’s customers with the sales department

2023-12-03by Thanh Tâm

After graduating and joining CNCTech, a memorable and enriching year has passed for me. Among them, there was a special event that left a deep impression on me when I was assigned the task of welcoming a customer from Europe. This customer came to Vietnam to find a reliable mechanical manufacturing partner, and I was chosen to be the point of contact and work with him. Fortunately, he was friendly and amiable, always willing to share his ideas and desires when visiting CNCTech.

Before starting the visit, the customer wanted to explore and experience Vietnamese culture. So, a colleague and I planned an exciting trip together.

After touring the company’s factory, we took the customer to enjoy lunch. This trip became a memorable story with humorous situations. The risk was that we chose the roughest road, and our car had a low clearance. Everyone in the car started jumping and laughing in this funny situation. Next, we drove the customer to continue the journey to Hanoi’s Old Quarter. The rain started pouring heavily, but our enthusiasm remained undiminished. We introduced the customer to Hanoi’s specialties and strolled around Hoan Kiem Lake in the pouring rain. Despite the unfavorable weather, our joy and enthusiasm created a memorable trip.

Finally, when we returned to the company at 5 p.m., the customer left with satisfaction and a lasting impression. From this experience, I realized the importance of being dynamic, having proficient English skills, and being enthusiastic in my work. Despite difficulties and challenges, flexibility and creativity helped us overcome obstacles and create an excellent experience for the customer. From this story, I realized that skillful communication and building a memorable experience can make a deep impression on customers. Flexibility and creativity in dealing with difficult situations also play an important role. At the same time, understanding and respecting the customer’s culture are also crucial factors in creating a good experience.

After this trip, I received positive feedback from the customer and the company. The customer was very satisfied with CNCTech’s professionalism and decided to sign a production contract with us. This was a great success for the company, and I felt proud to contribute to that success. Since then, I have continued to work with many other international customers and become a member of CNCTech’s Business team. I always strive to provide high-quality service and create the best experiences for customers. This trip has become one of the most memorable moments in my career at CNCTech. It has inspired and encouraged me to continue developing and striving for success in my work.

“Sharing from Nhat Giang – Sales department “

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