Three puzzle pieces of CNCTech growth

Coming up from the core business of supporting industries and constantly expanding investment in technology industry, real estate services, CNCTech has the orientation to become one of the leading package suppliers for FDI enterprises.

Observing CNCTech’s business strategy over the past decade, it can be seen that the enterprise is aiming to develop a synchronous industrial ecosystem on 3 main pillars including: supporting industry production, development and integrated technology industry, real estate service industry. These are all potential fields that are important for the process of economic restructuring of Vietnam towards industrialization and modernization today.

Supporting industrial production as the spearhead

In the core business of supporting industry, CNCTech said that the company currently operates 5 large manufacturing plants spread across 3 regions of the North – Central – South including: CNCTech Thang Long, CNCTech Bac Ninh, CNCTech Hanoi, CNCTech Saigon and CNCTech Binh Duong.

The factories are invested with methodical infrastructure, modern machinery and equipment, allowing CNCTech to provide a variety of products for processing, manufacturing, and assembling details, supporting many different industries. The quality of CNCTech products is assessed to meet the strict demands of large customers, helping to optimize costs and shorten transportation time, especially in the context that the domestic processing and manufacturing industry is still is heavily dependent on input materials and components from foreign suppliers.

With a high growth rate contributing mainly to the total annual revenue, the supporting industry segment not only creates a driving force for the rapid development of CNCTech, but also contributes to a strong spillover to businesses in the region. The country can deeply participate in the supply chain of FDI enterprises and the global value chain of multinational corporations.

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Breakthrough with the technology industry

Along with supporting industries, the investment in development and integration of technology in production is a breakthrough step that helps raise the quality of CNCTech products and services to a new level, based on three factors: creating new high-tech products (electronic products), improve the technological content in the production stage (apply high-end technologies, such as semiconductors, energy batteries, electronic boards) and bring the management technology content to real estate (using robots to check goods, automatic storage).

To accomplish this goal, CNCTech constantly expands investment and cooperates with major partners in the fields of electronics, telecommunications, consumer, etc nationally and internationally. Large-scale technology projects such as: MenTech Electronics Company with the main products of optical components, electronic components…; Thien Quang Electronics Company with the project of a factory to manufacture camera products for export; Viet My Petroleum Equipment Company (“VINAM”) – one of the largest factories in the Asia-Pacific region providing complete products for the oil and gas industry; Invest and hold more than 35% stake in Vietnam CNC & Technology Application Joint Stock Company, etc.

With focused investment, CNCTech wishes to position its own brand in the manufacturing industry of consumer technology products, and at the same time contribute to the effective local development of high-tech labor resources in Vietnam.

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Real estate service development – complete the ecosystem

This is considered a quick step of CNCTech to anticipate the increasing demand for industrial real estate in Vietnam’s industrial parks. Service industry real estate activities are deployed by CNCTech in a variety of segments: Factory leasing, Office leasing, Factory operation, Management & Investment.

Starting in this field is the Binh Xuyen CNCTech project (Binh Xuyen Industrial Park, Vinh Phuc) with a total floor area of 38,590 m2, including 6 2-storey factories and 1 1-storey factory. The project has an important meaning in promoting investment cooperation of CNCTech in the technology industry, electronics and telecommunications.

CNCTech currently owns more than 20 hectares of ready-built factories, warehouses, and commercial office complexes for lease in prime locations in investment projects. The common point of the projects is the synchronous design and construction of infrastructure and utilities, integration of high-tech applications, convenient connection with regional transport infrastructure to create a closed service ecosystem.

With an average occupancy rate of over 85%, CNCTech’s warehouse system has become a standard production place for leading corporations in the world, and is considered one of the most prestigious destinations in the field of real estate. service industry real estate in Vietnam.

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