The belief of “Breaking through to the finish line” during the pandemic

In March 2021, after being approved by Ha Nam Industrial Parks Management Board for CNCTech Ha Nam project on a land of more than 4.6 hectares. Total investment is more than 350 billion VND. Immediately, CNCTech joined hands with contractors with a strong belief that they would build the project on schedule and with the best quality.

CNCTech Hà Nam

CNCTech Ha Nam.

The project is implemented with the purpose of expanding, towards outsourcing supporting industrial products to serve customers in Ha Nam area and neighboring provinces as quickly as possible. As well as performing warehousing and logistics services for CNCTech’s partners.

Both effectively fighting the epidemic and bringing the project to the finish line on time are the dual goals that the Chairman of CNCTech has set out for the implementation team at the CNCTech Ha Nam project.

In the mid-September, 2021, although the Covid epidemic broke out in Ha Nam in a very complicated way. But thanks to the support of the management agencies in Ha Nam province as well as the consensus of the contractors, the project immediately adapted to the situation. Managers at the project have directed the entire unit to develop plans and scenarios to ensure epidemic prevention and control, prepare all conditions in terms of human, material, and logistical resources to be ready to cope with epidemics on a large scale.

Bên trong CNCTech Hà Nam

Inside of CNCTech Ha Nam.

Thanks to reasonable measures towards the overall goal of the project, despite the difficulties during the CNCTech epidemic season, Ha Nam has completed more than 70% of the project 10% faster than the set schedule. This is also a decisive first step, laying an important foundation for future development.

With the spirit of solidarity, consensus and high unity among all officers and employees, along with the correct, strong and close leadership and direction of the leadership of CNCTech Group, each staff member in CNCTech is determined to complete the assigned tasks well to ensure that every project can be completed and achieved on schedule.

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