Green growth and sustainable development

CNCTech Group not only aims to become a strategic partner for multinational companies, but also a pioneer in environmental protection issues, ensuring peace and community development.

Green growth and sustainable development are central contents in the strategy throughout the development journey of CNCTech Group. As one of the enterprises with its own culture, CNCTech Group has been building an ideal environment for employees to develop their careers in industrial real estate and supporting industries.

CNCTech Thang Long

CNCTech Thang Long in Thang Long Industrial Park, Vinh Phuc.

Promote economic growth

Ensuring revenue and profit growth helps CNCTech Group always fulfill its contribution obligations to the national budget.

As one of the leading enterprises in the supporting industry, CNCTech Group is well aware of its pioneering role in catching up with the world’s trends, applying high technology and being environmentally friendly, supporting and supporting enterprises in the same industry to accompany sustainable development, thereby enhancing the position and stature of Vietnam’s supporting industries and economy on the world stage.

Social responsibility

Over the years, with the production scale expanding, CNCTech Group has created stable jobs for many people in the area and neighboring provinces, contributing a significant part to the social security work. local association.

The company’s staff is not only skilled, but also enthusiastic and dedicated. With an effective policy of attracting talent, the human resource system is increasing in quantity and quality according to the development scale of the company.

In addition to good human resource policies, CNCTech Group also attaches great importance to social responsibility by organizing and sponsoring many charity programs, community activities, and sharing difficulties with people across the country.

Employees of CNCTech.

Responsibility to the environment

The processing and production using traditional metal and plastic materials can cause some concerns of the community about environmental protection. Deeply aware of that, CNCTech Group always strives to be “Green” in its operation.

The Group has always actively spread environmentally friendly consumption habits within the business and to all interested parties. Indicators of energy and material consumption are closely monitored.

The factory campus is planned with wide open green space. Energy saving campaigns are launched regularly and received the response of all employees in the company.

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