Entrepreneur Nguyen Van Hung and the secret of “Being on time”


Sharing with Entrepreneur Magazine, Mr. Nguyen Van Hung – Chairman of the Board of Directors of CNCTech Group affirmed: CNCTech’s core value lies in the field of industrial production and technology, which is deeply invested and continuously expanded, keeping pace with the trend of shifting global supply chains.

By Thuy Linh – Entrepreneur Magazine. Published on October, 2022

In The Big Story about Vietnam published at the end of September 2022, NIKKEI Asia Magazine mentioned the story of CNCTech, following the footsteps of large technology corporations and solving the problem of creating a supply network. In the very near future, Apple Watch and MacBook may carry the words “Assembly in Vietnam” on them – Technology products assembled in Vietnam are our pride. CNCTech Group is catching up with the trend, gradually developing extensively to meet the needs of large corporations.

Sir, what is the secret to turn CNCTech from a small mechanical manufacturing facility to one of the leading enterprises in the field of precision mechanics in Vietnam?

CNCTech continuously improves and innovates the technological process to get the machining products with the most competitive quality and cost. The company’s production apparatus operates efficiently by classifying, digitizing and optimally arranging each customer’s goods to each employee in charge.

Whenever possible, we try our best to supply difficult products, especially with urgent delivery time and unexpectedly large output beyond the production capacity of many enterprises. CNCTech always fulfills and exceeds the expectations of customers – those are the joys and happiness that make all employees of CNCTech feel satisfied.

To meet the increasing requirements of customers in terms of quality, schedule, price… CNCTech has expanded its scale and invested in a factory system of 36,000m2 in Thang Long III Industrial Park to coordinate with other partners to develop a closed manufacturing complex.

The company’s technology chain now includes a full range of services from metal part processing, mold manufacturing and plastic injection, to electronic assembly (EMS). In the near future, the company will add plastic coating and surface treatment lines, to complete the technological chain of manufacturing electronic products, telecommunications equipment and medical equipment… with the goal of providing product services. export package for global partners.


One of the camera production processes in CNCTech factory.

How is the story of promoting connection and participating in the global supply chain deployed by you and your associates in CNCTech?

According to the statistics of the Japanese Trade Promotion Organization JETRO during 2020 – 2021, CNCTech is among the top 3 Vietnamese enterprises with the leading manufacturing scale and modern equipment in the mechanical precision machining industry and takes the 4th place in Vietnam’s plastic molding industry.

CNCTech Group started out from a precision manufacturing company in 2008, serving aviation and auto-motorcycle companies in the US and Japan. After 14 years, it has become a multi-facility manufacturing group, with the asset size of more than 2,800 billion VND and expected revenue exceeding 1,600 billion VND by the end of 2022. At heart of which, supporting industry, is deeply invested and continuously expanded, keeping pace with the trend of shifting the global supply chain.

Many major domestic and foreign partners have faith in their cooperation with CNCTech. Multinational companies such as Canon, Panasonic, Denso, Mabuchi, Misumi, Nidec, Advantec, Nakanishi, Yasuda, Framas and EM-Tech; or familiar domestic enterprises such as VNPT, Viettel and Rang Dong…. has chosen CNCTech’s products on its development path.

One of the highlights in 2021 is that the company has been licensed to operate a logistics warehouse under the VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) model in the production complex in Thang Long III Industrial Park. As a result, the associated companies and CNCTech’s export manufacturing partners can significantly shorten the time and cost of managing goods in the supply chain.

Since the beginning of 2022, CNCTech has cooperated with CADDi Company – a Japanese enterprise with a market capitalization of half a billion USD – to coordinate the production and development of intelligent management software systems. CNCTech can then replicate the application of the solution to the community of nationwide vertical businesses, contributing to widen the network of Vietnamese manufacturers at a higher level in the global supply chain.

In the past period, many leaders of multinational corporations such as Sumitomo, Samsung, Foxconn … all evaluated CNCTech’s model as suitable to the world’s industrial development trend.

Nguyễn Văn Hùng - Top 13 Doanh nhân tiêu biểu Vĩnh Phúc

Mr. Nguyen Van Hung (2nd on the right) received the title of excellent enterprise in Vinh Phuc province in 2022.

Moving in the direction of sustainable development sometimes requires certain economic sacrifices. How can CNCTech solve this problem, sir?

My point of view in terms of investing these years is to focus on sustainable – green development and build production complexes, factories with 50-100 years lifetime, and for future generations. CNCTech has selected clean production fields, invested in modern production lines, applied ISO 14001, used green materials and solutions, saved energy, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. On each projects, we always try to plant more trees, green outside and inside the factory by natural vegetation, flowers, create lakes right in the factory premises.

Besides, as working with designers and construction contractors, CNCTech always discusses and finds smart solutions, saving resources, while still ensuring the quality of work.

It is difficult to mention all the specific solutions that we used to achieve sustainable efficiency, but the guiding principle of CNCTech is: Going towards green and sustainable development.

The principle of “win – win” has resulted in the best values to CNCTech, sir?

With the concept of “success comes from thoughtfulness and sincerity”, “always receive and solve everything with a positive attitude, for the mutual benefit”, CNCTech has always received the trust of customers and from our staffs themselves. CNCTech’s Japanese, American, Korean, European customers… are increasingly satisfied with the quality of goods and services, especially precision, molds, automation products… This is the key to the company’s steady growth despite Covid-19 and successful implementation of many M&A projects in recent years.

Currently, CNCTech is continuously expanding its link in the manufacturing industry, aiming to establish a demands of global companies.

Chủ tịch CNCTech vinh danh trong Top 60 Doanh nhân Việt Nam tiêu biểu

Chairman Nguyen Van Hung received the Outstanding Vietnamese Entrepreneur Award 2022.

We learned that you have just been awarded the title of Typical Vietnamese Entrepreneur in 2022, could you share something on the Prime Minister’s direction of generating a new generation of entrepreneurs?

(Laughs) That’s right! The contemporary thoughts and the changing social context have formed the very basic characteristics of each entrepreneurs generation. And the current crisis, along with the context of Vietnam’s deeper integration in many aspects with the world, have also identified the basic characteristics for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Those are people with new aspirations – daring to create, innovate, collaborate, breakthrough in order to accelerate in the coming paths.

Those are the people who are trying their best every day, every hour to reach out to the world, bringing Vietnamese products to the global market…

And most of all, they understand that a prosperous country needs strong, talented and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, with the desire to rise up with the spirit of national pride. Hence, they will inspire the next generation with their will, spirit and desire to contribute to the Fatherland.

I believe that the new generation of Entrepreneurs will be people with wisdom and ability in managing and administrating, being able to fulfill that aspiration, making Vietnam more and more powerful and prosperous.

The society is waiting for the “turn-over” of entrepreneurs who want to assert themselves in the new era. The society is ready to honor people engaging in business, to create solid and lasting values for themselves, their people and bring various values to the world.

And our generations of entrepreneurs have the responsibility to live, produce and do business in line with the nation’s expectations.

Sincerely thank you!

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