CNCTech is honored to receive the FAST500 certification.

2023-05-18by Thanh Tâm

On May 17th, VietNamNet newspaper and Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company organized the announcement ceremony for the Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies in Vietnam (FAST500).

CNCTech Group was recognized at the 77th position out of 500 fastest-growing companies in Vietnam, marking its first appearance in this prestigious ranking

Ms. Nguyen Thao Quynh, the Communications Director of CNCTech Group, as the company representative, received a floral wreath and a certificate from the organizing committee.

The businesses listed are representatives known for their strong business activities and high growth potential. They continuously explore, innovate, and proactively engage in business, fulfilling their social and community responsibilities, thereby contributing significantly to the overall development of the national economy.

Entering a new phase with numerous challenges and opportunities, the complex global economic and political situation poses many challenges for businesses in terms of recovery and development. The leadership of CNCTech Group advocates flexible adaptation, digital transformation by: upgrading and expanding manufacturing facilities and modern technology; ceaseless research and innovation; and training a professional and dynamic workforce.

Originating as a mechanical engineering startup, after 14 years of construction and development, CNCTech has evolved into a multi-industry industrial conglomerate, holding a top position in Vietnam for precision mechanical processing. With a commitment to providing comprehensive services in integrated technology industries along with industrial infrastructure for major global partners, CNCTech has successfully established various joint ventures and collaborations with significant partners.

In the next 5 years, CNCTech’s strategy is oriented towards constructing complexes and green, modern industrial cities, contributing to the building of a robust and prosperous Vietnam.

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