CNCTech installs “Rooftop Solar System”

In April 2022, CNCTech cooperates with Thang Long Vinh Phuc Industrial Park Company Limited (TLIP) to install rooftop solar power systems for buildings F1A, F2A, F3A of the CNCTech Thang Long Complex project in Thang Long Vinh Phuc IP., Vinh Phuc.

These solar panels cover an area equivalent to 11,846 m² of the total 33,342 m² of the roof area of the factory, responsible for absorbing solar radiation and converting it into electricity.

Thang Long HQ 2022.02

CNCTech Thăng Long

Sustainable development

Taking advantage of an endless source of clean energy from the sun to generate energy for production, solar power helps businesses save electricity and most of the cost of electricity. Since catching up with this clean electricity trend, every month CNCTech has cut down an average of 2/3 of electricity costs, the stability of this power source helps us control power consumption.

The panels absorb the energy of sunlight to generate electricity, which also retain heat energy on the surface of the solar panels. Therefore, besides the “main task” of producing electricity, solar power generation mounted on the roof also helps to cool the office buildings, warehouses … below, becoming an effective anti-heat solution.

The lower temperature of offices and factories will help save electricity for cooling systems such as fans, air conditioners, etc., and at the same time increase the durability and performance of the machines and equipment inside the building.

In particular, a cool space is also good for the health of employees and workers, helping them feel more comfortable, thereby improving labor productivity and the level of attachment to the business.

Contributing to a zero-carbon society

Installing a solar power system is the leading solution to ensure stable power supply amid growing concerns about power shortages.

CNCTech proactively generates electricity on-site with solar power systems on the roofs of offices and factories, reducing power draw from the grid – even adding to the grid, contributing to reducing the burden of electricity shortage, ensuring energy security regionally and nationally, benefiting our business.

Solar power works without any chemicals or fossil fuels; therefore, it doesn’t release harmful gases into the environment. The use of solar energy instead of the grid also leads to a reduction in carbon dioxide production, reducing the global greenhouse effect.

The current industrial development trend must ensure environmental protection and save energy. This use of “clean” energy helps CNCTech attract many businesses to cooperate and invest at the same time, enhancing CNCTech’s competitive position in the market.

The world is going green, there is no reason for us to be left behind.

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