CNCTech contributes more than 700 million VND to the Covid-19 vaccine fund

At this time, many provinces and cities across Vietnam are facing many difficulties due to the 4th COVID outbreak. CNCTech as well as many large corporations have unanimously contributed to the fight against the epidemic with the spirit of “the leaves protect tattered ones” – together to overcome difficulties.

Many practical actions have been quickly implemented by the CNCTech staff to join in the prevention of Covid-19, from donating to the Vaccine fund, sponsoring positive pressure test chambers to supporting essentials for field hospitals and isolation wards, all for the purpose of helping each other through the pandemic.

Donate more than 700 million VND to the vaccine fund

The outbreak of the disease in 2021, people in many regions across the country were severely affected by the disease. Responding promptly to developments, the Government of Vietnam established a Vaccine Fund to realize the goal of early free vaccination for the entire population. Responding to this meaningful program,Chairman Mr. Nguyen Van Hung chaired and encouraged CNCTech Group’s member units to act voluntarily and show responsibility to the country.

By June 18, 2021, 10 member companies and unions, employees in CNCTech Group include: CNCTech Thang Long, CNCTech Saigon, CNCTech Bac Ninh, ANOTECH Binh Duong, ANOTECH Vinh Phuc, SMCTech, MenTech Vietnam, Skylight JSC, CNCVina and Vinastartup VP have contributed 735.58 million VND to the Government’s Vaccine Fund. Contributions will continue to be added in the near future from the Group and a large number of employees.

Sponsor positive pressure test chamber

Previously, on June 17, 2021, CNC Vina and a number of sponsors invented and developed a positive pressure test sampling room. The sampling chamber follows the Korean standard model and has been awarded to Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy.

The highlight of the sampling chamber is that it is built on the principle of antibacterial positive pressure room, in which the internal pressure is always greater than the outside pressure. This state is maintained by the continuous injection of filtered and disinfected clean air into the chamber. The purpose of antibacterial positive pressure is to ensure that pathogens in the outside air will not be able to enter the chamber.

Ủng hộ bệnh viện dã chiến

Ensure milk is delivered to Bac Giang field hospital.

Provide essential supplies for field hospitals and isolation areas

In May and June 2021, CNCTech real estate block and a group of volunteers, with the help of the Military Command, delivered essential supplies to doctors at Bac Giang field hospital and isolated areas.

BCH quân sự Bắc Giang nhận hàng tiếp tế

Bac Giang provincial Military Command received goods from units to transfer to the isolated area and field hospital.

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