CNCTech collaborates with the 5S program between the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Toyota to support production improvement.

2023-11-13by Thanh Tâm

On October 12th, CNCTech had a meeting with Toyota to report on the overall evaluation of the program “COLLABORATION BETWEEN THE MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY AND TRADE AND TOYOTA TO SUPPORT PRODUCTION IMPROVEMENT AND ENHANCE COMPETITIVE EFFICIENCY.” They also coordinated the plans for organizing a workshop on the program at CNCTech, scheduled for December 2023.


After several months of implementation, the results of MFC and 5S improvements at CNCTech have shown positive changes. From management to employees, everyone’s concerted efforts in carrying out these activities have yielded certain successes.

MFC is a lean improvement method in production, reducing waste and enhancing competitiveness. 5S is a management method that organizes the workplace, initially applied at Toyota and rapidly developed in Japanese companies.

In Vietnamese, 5S is understood as: Sort – Set in order – Shine – Standardize – Sustain.

  • Sort: Remove unnecessary items and eliminate them.
  • Set in order: Arrange necessary items in the right place.
  • Shine: Clean the workspace.
  • Standardize: Maintain a clean and orderly workspace.
  • Sustain: Train everyone to be conscious of keeping the workspace clean and organized through practical tasks.


The purpose of applying 5S is not only to save time and space, making the workplace clean, tidy, convenient, and safe but also to change thinking patterns, work habits, enhance creativity in tasks, and promote the role of teamwork. When implemented correctly, the employees contribute to improving service quality, ensuring customer satisfaction. Additionally, it saves energy for employees and fosters a positive spirit, enabling them to perform assigned tasks effectively.

CNCTech has also been honored to be selected as the organization to host the scheduled Workshop in December 2023.

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