CNCTech at Vietnam AeroExpo 2023

2023-03-21by An Đô

Vietnam now is the fifth fastest growing aviation market in the world. The country will develop 28 airports that are capable of welcoming about 278 million passengers and 4.1 million tons of cargoes annually by 2030. In the next 20 years, 38,000 aircrafts are expected to be produced to satisfy the increasing global demand. While now Vietnam has developed a skilled workforce well-suited to managing the production of highly-engineered aerospace components.

Airbus appeared at the first ever AeroExpo in Vietnam

Hanoi City cooperated with the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Industry and Trade to organize AeroExpo Hanoi & Vietnam Aviation Forum 2023. The event aimed to develop a network of production and service supply chains, high-end sustainable consumption in the aviation industry, and apply technology with high knowledge content. Major airlines such as Airbus, Boeing, Safran, Thales, Mitsubishi, and Parker attended the event. Chinese airlines, including China Southern and China Eastern, also joined, along with about 50 foreign enterprises from the US, Philippines, Malaysia, China, Japan, Korea, among others. Investors want to learn about the scale of the Vietnamese market and explore the possibility of shifting industrial plants from China and India to Vietnam through technology transfer in the field of mechanics, production lines of components, and accessories in the aviation industry.

Dau Le Thao, CEO of CNCTech Thang Long answered the press

CNCTech started out doing CAM programming to make parts for aircrafts from 2008. The company produced code for US companies over the West Coast to supply to American aerospace companies.

There are many machined parts for an aircraft, such as landing gear bean, central wing box and flap track, vertical tail and wing rib, turbine disc and turbine casing, blink and fan disc. The parts are made from light weight material such as aluminum and titanium, or from superalloy such as Inconel or Waspalloy.

Debra Yeo – Lufthansa on the need of supply chain diversify post Covid-19

At the event CNCTech team participated in a section hosted by Airbus on Procurement in Asia Pacific and a special section on The Launch of Asian Aerospace Association Alliance. Here CNCTech team has met with the Philippines Aerospace Industries Association to explore the possibility of collaboration on manufacturing in Vietnam to meet the need for diversity after Covid-19.

VTV1 on AeroExpo 2023 (Broadcasting in Vietnamese)

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