Close-up of CNCTech’s factory chain and key projects in 2021

CNCTech currently owns more than 20 active projects including supporting industry factories, technology industry companies, industrial clusters, factories for rent, commercial office complex buildings, etc across the country.

Over the years, CNCTech has positioned its brand in the domestic industrial market through a strategy of investing in a chain of factories, production workshops, and large-scale projects, located in key economic regions from the North to the South. The goal is to establish a large CNCTech complex with a full ecosystem of products and services in supporting industries, assembly, training centers, etc., where businesses can support each other for sustainable development.

CNCTech Bac Ninh

CNCTech Bac Ninh is located in Dai Dong Industrial Park (Hoan Son, Bac Ninh) with a total investment of 13 million USD and has been in operation since 2014, specializing in providing plastic injection molding, mold making and assembling services for the high-end consumer electronics industry.

In January 2021, CNCTech Bac Ninh received a project transferred from German Framas Group, which has more than 70 years of experience in manufacturing sports shoes molds for ADIDAS, NIKE brands and manufacturing precision plastic components. With an expected initial investment of about 13 million USD, this will be one of the factories with the largest investment scale of CNCTech with the plan to expand the 5-floors factory, add paint lines, electronic assembly, and mplement ERP-SAP management software.

It is estimated that in the first half of the year, CNCTech Bac Ninh’s revenue is expected to reach VND 150 billion, exceeding the plan and reaching over 50% of the revenue plan of the whole year.

CNCTech Bac Ninh

CNCTech Thang Long

Located in Thang Long Industrial Park, Vinh Phuc, CNCTech Thang Long has an initial investment of VND 293 billion. The project marks an important turning point of CNCTech when it is the first domestic enterprise approved to invest in the industrial park of Sumitomo Japan.

At the end of 2020, CNCTech Thang Long basically completed the construction of phase 1 and continued to invest in expansion, the total investment increased to 466 billion VND on an area of 58,232 m². With a production capacity of over 3,500,000 products per year, the project aims to build a diverse supply ecosystem of products, supporting industry services, technology, electronics, and logistics.

CNCTech Thang Long

CNCTech Thang Long in Thang Long Industrial Park, Vinh Phuc.

Bonded warehouse, Logistic F4-A CNCTech Thang Long

Also this month, the bonded warehouse project, Logistic F4-A CNCTech Thang Long, a cooperation between the world’s leading logistics group – DB Schenker, Vietnam Post Corporation (VNPOST) and CNCTech was officially approved by the General Department of Technology. Vietnam Customs issued a decision to recognize and put into operation. The project has a total area of 28,022 m², warehouse and office area over 18,000 m².

It is expected that in the near future, Logistic F4-A CNCTech Thang Long will provide services to about 50-100 suppliers for leading electronics firms in the US and the world, contributing to increasing the localization rate for electronics firms when coming to Vietnam, creating jobs and stable income for thousands of workers.

F4A - CNCTech Thăng Long

Bonded warehouse, Logistic F4-A CNCTech Thang Long.

Hop Thinh Industrial Cluster

In February 2021, the People’s Committee of Vinh Phuc province had a decision to establish and assign the investor to build and trade infrastructure of Hop Thinh industrial cluster, Tam Duong district, Vinh Phuc province for a consortium of contractors: CNCTech – Truong Bien – CNCHoldings. In which, CNCTech is the representative and head of the consortium.

With a total area of 48.43 hectares, Hop Thinh Industrial Cluster is one of CNCTech’s large-scale industrial park infrastructure investment projects. Currently, the project is in the stage of promoting the completion of investment procedures in order to carry out compensation procedures for site clearance and infrastructure construction to be implemented quickly in the near future.

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